What is SRS eFAL?

SRS eFAL is a common transmission channel that can communicate between desperate systems irrespective of the data format or system formats.

A cloud-based solution that enables direct transmission of advance maritime reports (FAL Data) from vessel to the arriving  port, regardless of the data and system formats.

eFAL is available in both English and French as a transmission portal or web portal with a secure digital signature certificate.

How can SRS eFAL help port authorities?

With eFAL port authorities can establish data interchange between arriving vessels and the port system

This means Port Authorities can receive FAL data directly into their port system in the required system format.

How does eFAL Work?

With SRS eFAL there is no need to manually enter any data on General Cargo information, Cargo Declaration, Ship's Stores Declaration, Crew's Effect Declaration, Crew List, Passenger List, or Dangerous Goods Manifest.

With SRS eFAL vessels can transmit FAL data through the SRS eFAL in any data format. The SRS eFAL then translates the data into required system format to the arriving port authority.

Data will automatically be transmitted into the ports system saving the port time spent in capturing and reviewing any manually entered FAL data.

With SRS eFAL port authorities can instantly share the data to respective authorities to help in advance risk management and berthing preparations.

SRS Service - with the approaching deadline of 8 April 2019, SRS is providing the SRS eFAL platform to port authorities to connect to and enable data exchange with arriving vessels irrespective of data and system formats

How do port authorities get started with SRS eFAL?

In just 3 simple steps port authorities can be up and running with SRS eFAL

  1. Simply register with SRS eFAL
  2. SRS will assist in connecting your port system to the SRS eFAL
  3. Once the port system is connected to the  SRS eFAL, all arriving vessels can transmit FAL data in any data format directly to the port system. One month trial period of direct FAL data transmission at no charge

  4. After the one month trial period you can continue receiving direct FAL data with an annual subscription service

eFAL Benefits

  • Electronic Data interchange from sea to shore
  • Uniformity in transmitted data
  • Enables instant sharing of maritime data
  • Compliant to IMO FAL forms

SRS eFAL is the latest edition to the SRS eTrade portfolio of maritime solutions which offers portals for different parts of a port service and customs clearance processes.

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