A unified portal for the management of vessel clearance processes which includes crew list and effects, cargo declaration activities (seaport) such as container counting and declaration.

The Maritime Portal is also equipped with international safety and security measures such as the identification and declaration of dangerous goods.

  • General/Cargo Declaration
  • Ship's Store Declaration
  • Crew's Effects Declaration
  • Crew List, Passenger List
  • Dangerous Goods Declaration
  • Container Tallying


  • Inbound/Outbound Air Cargo
  • Manage Irregularities


  • Land Consignment
  • Manage Irregularities


The Border Management (eBM) portal seamlessly connect all entry/exit points (sea, air, land), enhances safety and security at all entry/exit points and has the ability to adopt and grow with the dynamics of border management in a country, whiles facilitating trade and movement of people.

The Border Management portal features are enhanced with the use of Smart Devices (such as Wi-Fi sensors and Fingerprint smart cards).

  • Capture/Store and Manage Details of Passengers/Visitors at every entry and exit point
  • Connect land borders to sea and air port
  • Holistic intelligence gathering and sharing


  • Container tracking, extension to container storage, release and port gate exits
  • Auto calculation and verification of port fees and charges
  • Record cargo entering and leaving ports


The Trade portal is a well-developed platform to handle goods clearance and customs assessment processes such as; Management of Manifest Information, Manifest Auditing, Management of Import Declaration processes, Customs classification and Valuation processes using the International standards. (i.e. WCO & WTO Standards).

  • Manifest Management and Processes
  • Manifest Auditing
  • Import Declaration Management and Processes
  • Customs Classification Processes
  • Customs Valuation Processes
  • Customs Import tariff Management


The vessel traffic information portal enables the receipt and management of Vessel Schedules, Shipping Orders/Instructions as well as the verification of Vessel Gross Mass, Vessel Information and History.

The portal is enhanced with the ability to track vessel movements including transit information and allows the real-time viewing of Vessel GPS Location.

  • Access Vessel Schedules
  • Shipping Orders/Instructions
  • Verified Container Gross Mass
  • Verify Vessel Information and Vessel History
  • Track ship movements including transit information
  • View GPS Vessel Location