Smart Container Tracking

SRS UniTracer-L100

An effective electronic seal for monitoring and ensuring that containers and their cargo can be tracked from origin to destination to ensure safe arrival of goods.


UniTracer provides real-time data to all parties intrested in the delivery of shipment.

Exporters, Shipping companies, Freight forwarders, Logistics and Supply chain personnel, Insurance, Customs authorities.

  • Secure: Authorized access via biometric smart card
  • Accessible: User has 24/7 access to container location via online platform from laptop/tablet or mobile device
  • Alerts: Notifications on deviations from specified route, broken seals or wire cut
  • Reliable: Long-life rechargeable batteries - on fully charged battery, the device remains active for 33 days before its next charge
  • Flexible: Geo-fencing capability enabling user to set geographical boundary and be alerted when device enters/exits the set area. Enables user to set intervals for GPS location transfer (minutes - hours)
  • Storage: All information is stored internally. Device maintains all data in absence of a network connection

Smart Biometric Card

Fingerprint Smart Card

A smart card with a built-in fingerprint sensor. Provides fingerprint authentication for registered card owner, Can be used for multiple purposes.

Areas of Application:

The Smart ID Cards can be used for multiple purposes such as Regular/National Identification Cards, Employee Access Cards, Driving License Cards, Access Control, Loyalty Cards, Pension Cards and as Payment Cards.

  • Biometric data of registered card owner is stored on the card
  • Card can only be used by the registered owner of the card by fingerprint authentication
  • Protects against hacking and information leakage by saving certificates and e-signature on the IC Chip HSM (Hardware Security Module)
  • Supports NFC (Near Field Communication), allowing easy communication with smartphones and card readers
  • PKI-based to ensure secure financial transactions

Certifications and Reference:
  • Complies with domestic and international standards (CE, KC certifications)
  • Selected by the UN for its employees to access their computers and access headquarters and affiliated organizations. Including the UN Geneva and other UN organizations. (source: The Investor, 11 Sept. 2017)

Smart WiFi Sensor

SRS UniAegis

An effective electronic device for locating and tracking MAC addresses (Media Access Control addresses) of wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. A tool to aid in monitoring crowd activities and movements in real-time.


SRS UniAegis enables:

  • Counting of people at a particular location
  • Determination of actual period of stay of people
  • Determination of new/returning visitors
  • Determination of crowd flow patterns
  • Determination of tourist nationality rate and analysis of crowd movements
  • Detection of abnormal activities
  • Tracking of suspects (In the case of pandemic diseases, etc.)
  • Prevention of unauthorized access


  • Ability to use existing infrastructure (e.g. camaras)
  • No requirement of additional hardware
  • Can be deployed with mutiple applications
  • Further focused customization can be implemented
  • Can easily adopt due to seamless integration capabilities with any device (e.g. POS. Digital Signage, etc)
  • Cost effective solution


Secure Revenue Services’s (SRS) tracking device can complete your existing product line, generate additional revenue streams, give you an edge over competition and improve customer loyalty. SRS is expanding its network of agents in Africa. Register as a Partner